Inspiring New Games, Pt. 1: Freedom Fighters

In this series, I wanted to look at some games that were perhaps underrated or overall not considered a classic game, but they offered an interesting game mechanic that might be a great addition to new games.

I love a lot of different games, but I especially love games that offer interesting game mechanics. Freedom Fighters – a game developed by IO Interactive and published by EA Games took a unique spin in a couple different facets.


For those not familiar, the game was a third person shooter that took place in an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union never collapsed. The game’s premise begins in New York where the Soviets begin a wide scale invasion of America. While this isn’t necessarily a new idea (Red Dawn, World in Conflict) it did give a different feel. You played as a couple of plumbers caught up in the fight and who take on the role of Freedom Fighter.

The aspect I loved about this game was the decisions you made in choosing your battle had actionable and noticeable consequences. While there have been plenty of games to implement “consequences,” often times it feels more like an illusion with no meaningful impact on the game.

Destroy a helicopter base of the Soviets? They lose air cover for another mission you undertake. Free some civilians? Some of them will join you in the fight.

That was the beauty of Freedom Fighters. Choices not only mattered, but they impacted the game in noticeably. You felt like the world was adjusting to the actions you took, which is a very powerful feeling when playing a game. It signifies that you’re not just playing a game; it means you’re IN the game.

Another aspect that I loved in a game like Freedom Fights that I’d love to see in other games is the sense of “building something.” I don’t mean build in the Minecraft sense either.

You started out as two plumbers who were in the middle of a drastic invasion of their country. From it though, you were able to recruit resistance members, build up an organization, and make an impact on the game world. And this was all done years ago in a relatively limited engine at the time.

I hope games like this continue to exist and evolve. I love the idea of starting out as underdogs and working to fighting against an overwhelming force through decisions that impact the world.

Well, that’s all! I hope you enjoyed this edition of All Talk All Game. Hope you enjoyed. If you’d like to see me hang out and play game on Twitch – come on by! Likewise, feel free to drop me a message anytime on Twitter.

See you next time, friends!

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