Overcoming the Us vs. Them Mentality in Games

I’ll admit it. I’m a Nintendo fan boy.

Or at least I used to be. I like to think I’ve overcome my fanboy-ism and now try to treat each console as they come.

It’s okay if we have favorites – there’s nothing wrong with liking a particular brand, company, or product. I know buying a Naughty Dog game that I’ll be in for a pleasant 15-20 hour story-based action thriller. I know that I’ll pretty much enjoy any Zelda game Nintendo decides to put out.


Likewise, I know my love of PC gaming and Nintendo is strong, but I have tried to branch out more in an effort to broaden my horizon.

Long ago, when I was young, I once used to despise Sony and Xbox. This was largely because I grew up on Nintendo products. Having this mindset led to me dismissing the things other people got enjoyment out for the sake of “protecting my favorite.” It’s ridiculous now that I look back on it.

Not only do you damper people’s own fun, but you are limiting yourself in what you might be missing out on. It wasn’t until the Halo series was released on Xbox and I played it at a friends house that I realized I was missing out by trying to win “the console war” for my side. I shudder to think of how I might have missed out on Gears of Wars and Halo had I stayed stuck in my ways.

In addition, had I continued to be stubborn about Sony, I would have missed out on Naughty Dog games, Bloodbourn, and many other fantastic titles by arbitrarily only siding with one console.


It worries me how common this type of thinking is in video games. With the Battle Royale genre blowing up and more competitors entering the field I’ve seen a lot of fans of PUBG begin to bash anything else that threatens their favorite title, like Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

So my advice for this post is simple: be open minded. Don’t knock anyone else’s preferred method of gaming in order to justify or boost your side. Realize that there’s a lot of different ways to experience and enjoy video games, whether it’s on an expensive PC rig or on a mobile device.

Better yet, let others enjoy their fun. Unless it hurts someone else, I say let them go to town on whatever engages them in the world of video games.

Well, that’s all! A little bit of a shorter post today (you’re welcome, I think?). If you enjoyed reading me ramble on this topic and would rather hear or watch me ramble instead feel free to swing by my Twitch channel. Likewise, always feel free to drop by and say hey on Twitter. I’ll see you next time, friends!

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